Entertainment Booking System

Speed up the booking process for any event
Give your customers the opportunity to make bookings at any time and from any place thanks to our interface optimized for PCs, tablets and smartphones.
Have a complete control of the situation in real time
Thanks to our management interface you will not have to use uncomfortable calendars in Excel.
Get the most out of your resources
Eliminate handling errors thanks to the custom user code and organize the staff perfectly with real-time updates.


Booking at any time

Booking at any time

Your customers can book at any time, conveniently from home or on the way with any mobile device. The system checks the reservation automatically and sends a confirmation e-mail to the customer and upon request to you. You can have an overview in real time from anywhere and react promptly. Handwritten calendars or Excel tables are no longer needed.

Overview in real time

Overview in real time

You can keep track of all reservations and assign your staff flexibly. The system will automatically notify you by email when a high number of reservations arrive, so that you can directly schedule more staff.

Personal Codes

Personal Codes

Every employee gets his own code. You can decide easily who may book, change or see what information. Employees can enter reservations only with their own code, so you can always see which employee has entered which reservation. Accounting errors by the personnel will be removed.

Better Evaluation

Better Evaluation

You can see at any time who has booked which reservations and when, how many guests you expect and which customer inquiries have been answered. You can also respond promptly to a rush of visitors with additional personnel.

Concurrent use

Concurrent use

You can enter reservations from several workstations simultaneously, the system can be used on any device with a browser and access to the internet. Changes are shown in real time.

Data transfer

Data transfer

No matter which kind of method you have worked with, we take your reservation in advance on our system.


Real-time overview

Real-time booking list and facility usage

Offer flexibility

Per type of facility, opening hours, number of players, times etc.

Completely custom

Offers, prices, events, facilities etc.

Targeted offers

Birthday parties, stag parties, special prices etc.

Manageable opening times

For holidays, special days etc.

Multiple facilities

Multiple facility management

Accessible from everywhere

Computers, tablets, smartphones

Social login

Super fast registration and login

Simple interface

Comprehensive and easy to use

Automatic emails

Personnel and customers receive real-time updates

Data export

1-click data export

Facility on request

Suitable for every facility

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